Building on the framework created in the foundations phase, we’ll accelerate your digital marketing with a results driven Google Ads campaign.


We’ll work with you to create the goals, targets and structure of the campaign and decide on the best channel to target – text ads, visual ads, shopping ads, YouTube – or a combination of these.


Once you’ve agreed to proceed, we will consolidate access to essential services including Google Ads, Google Analytics, your website and your Google Business listing.


We’ll configure your Google ads account, create a campaign planning sheet, setup conversion tracking on your website, configure Google Tag Manager and enable Clickfraud protection.


In-depth planning that includes keyword research, budget planning, landing page analysis, display campaign planning and the overall campaign structure.


We’ll create the text and visual advertisements to promote your brand, all of which will be submitted to you for review and provide feedback on prior to launch.


Once we get your end-to-end approval on the campaign structure, creative assets and overall targeting and goals, we’ll launch the campaign on your behalf.


Your account will be subject to regular reviews, refinements and adjustments with a detailed report provided to you at the end of each month to help you assess performance.


As the campaign grows, we will add new features, retire any non-performing elements and continue to optimise and improve your account on an ongoing basis.

Once activation is complete, we’ll need three months to verify that the campaign is driving results. At the end of the three month period, you may choose to end the campaign, take it in-house or continue to engage us to manage and optimise it for you.