Web Design & Development

Squarespace, WordPress and Shopify

To ensure that your website is fast, responsive and reliable, our websites are built using modern, highly extensible platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace and Shopify.

In addition to leveraging the most recent technologies, all of these platforms contain easy-to-understand content management systems (CMS) which ensures that you do not need to rely upon us to make minor edits to your website.

For added security and ease of use, we also offer assisted hosting packages which give you a single point of contact for the ongoing support, maintenance and management of your website.

To ensure both a quality outcome and adherence to project budgets, we take a defined approach to all projects.

1. Planning

We will help you to select the appropriate build platform or CMS, identify potential design and development strategies and make sure that all visual and functional requirements can be met.

2. Design

Next, we will create wire-frames and/or mock-ups in order to present a vision of the overall user experience and visual outcomes. 

3. Development

Development involves the build of a fully functional website based on the outcomes from the planning and design phases.

4. Deployment

Following sign off, we provide deployment services to ensure that the finished website goes live with minimal interruption to existing services.

Following handover, our websites can be easily self-managed and maintained. Alternatively, you may elect to take out an assisted hosting package for added support.

The actual cost of any project is variable and depends on the intended design outcomes, size and complexity of the site. As a guide, however, our websites tend to occupy the following price ranges:

Squarespace – from $5K to $10K+

WordPress – from $7.5K to $15K+

Shopify – from $5K to $20K+

All prices exclude GST and hosting fees and represent averages only. To obtain a custom proposal and quote for your project, please contact us.