A comprehensive digital marketing strategy in three easy steps.

1. Foundations

We'll identify and resolve any issues preventing your business from achieving its online potential and lay the groundwork for future campaigns.

2. Activation

With the basics in place for a successful campaign, we'll design, build and launch an effective pay-per-click marketing campaign using Google Ads.

3. Support

We'll manage and maintain your marketing ongoing with regular reports, refinements and strategy meetings.




We will audit and report on eight key elements of your digital marketing strategy. Once approved, we will action the recommendations and undertake ongoing reviews to measure and refine the results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO enables you to drive traffic to your website without directly paying for it. We will perform a complete audit of your website to ensure you have capacity for SEO and that you have properly leveraged the SEO tools available to you.

Deliverable ⟶ “SEO Audit” Report

Google Analytics Setup

This vital tool is used to track, measure and analyse how people interact with your website. We’ll make sure your Google Analytics account is properly configured, tracking the right data and that a base set of useful reports exist.

Deliverable ⟶ Optimised and fully configured Google Analytics account.

Google Search Console Setup

Search Console communicates search engine data between your website and Google. We’ll check that your account exists, that it is tracking your site, that it is properly sharing data with Google Analytics and that automated reports are active.

Deliverable ⟶ Properly configured Search Console account.

Google Business Audit

Your “Google Business” listing is a vital entry point for new leads. We’ll check that the listing is up-to-date, accurate and properly configured to collect and report data.

Deliverable ⟶ Fully optimised Google Business profile.

Website Audit

Your website is the most powerful marketing asset you have. We’ll analyse every aspect of your website, from the front-facing user experience to the back-end technologies and provide a detailed list of recommended improvements.

Deliverable ⟶ “Website Audit” Report

Mailing List Audit

Did you know that EDMs often convert at higher rates than social media? We’ll check that you have an active database, that you have segmented and organised your subscribers and that your interactions with them are optimised.

Deliverable ⟶ “Subscriber Audit” Report

eCommerce Audit

If your site is focused on e-Commerce, we will check that you have multiple payment options, ability to offer coupons, chances for visitors to share items to relevant socials, lead capture processes and much more.

Deliverable ⟶ “eCommerce Audit” Report

Social Media Audit

A highly effective tool for consumer based products, we will check that you have relevant profiles and are maximising their use through best practice social media marketing techniques.

Deliverable ⟶ “Social Media Audit” Report

Once foundations is complete you may continue on with monthly management of your SEO and organic marketing, opt-out and self manage or take your marketing to the next level with the creation of a custom Google Ads marketing campaign.